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NetWalker Recruits New Hackers

The hacker group is recruiting bright minds across the world, enticing them with huge moneymaking opportunities.

How much money are NetWalker's affiliate hackers making?

Soon-to-be cybercriminals can now "rent" the NetWalker Ransomware strain. And it appears to be working.

In a mark of success, the NetWalker group rakes in millions from these operations. This is the same group who recently crippled a Texas transit system and Michigan State University.

Affiliates are enlisted to distribute the ransomware and infect victims in return for a 60-70% cut of ransom payments.

This becomes an intriguing proposition for tech-savvy individuals, especially those living outside US extradition treaties. Truly, how many businesses offer low or no-cost upfront and can provide millions in profits?!

Recruitment: NetWalker shows previous Bitcoin ransom payments to entice hackers

In the last five months alone, NetWalker has generated $25 million in ransom payments to its Bitcoin wallets. That's $5 million per month! And these are only the wallets we know about.

When offered more money than a local doctor could earn, what's to stop a young person in Eastern Ukraine from joining the NetWalker team or other cybercrime group? It's a sad reality we face as many smart, young minds join the cybercrime underworld.

The good news is that these hackers can be stopped.

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Joel Cahill

Cyber security enthusiast. Entrepreneur.