When does my team receive Training invitations?
Training invitations go out on the first and third Tuesday of each month. Anyone who hasn't completed the current course will get an invitation on those mornings until completed.
Learn more about Training here.

When does my team advance to the next Training course?
Once 65% of the team completes your current course, you'll be invited into the next course the following month.
Learn more about Training here.

When will my team receive Phishing emails?
We automatically Phish each user monthly, at random times during the day and with varied content. Our proprietary Phishing algorithm determines the times and content for each person.
Learn more here.

How frequently are my users receiving Phishing tests?
With your fully automated Phishing Simulator, every user averages 1 Phishing test per month (always randomized in content and timing of delivery). Based on our proprietary SmartPhish algorithm, your most exposed users will get Phished more actively.
Learn more here.

How do I edit my team on the INFIMA platform?
Take a look at our post here to make it quick and easy.

Why didn't I receive a Training invite when regularly scheduled?
You might have already completed the current course or your email invitation could be stuck in spam. Take a look at our post here for more info.

Am I able to send out Training Courses on-demand?
While your Training Program is fully automated, you can always do send additional Training invitations from the INFIMA Dashboard.
Read more about that here.

Do I need to Whitelist any IPs to ensure email delivery?
Sure do! You'll find those instructions here.
And if you'd like additional guidance on the whitelisting process, click here.

Where do I find our Cyber Security Training Policy?
On the Dashboard homepage, click on "Send Policy Document" in the Overview box. This sends it to your email address right away.
Find out more here.

How do I know our program is active?
You can view this on the Dashboard, where we show the status of your Training and Phishing programs.
Take a look here for more info.

Where do I find Training Reports?
You can find those on the Dashboard, under Training Management.
We made a post about it here.

Can I download a report of Active users?
Sure can. Take a look at our post here.