What makes INFIMA different?
We make it easy to delivery Cyber Security Training to your team.

Two things make most businesses prime targets for hackers:
1. Most security tools are clunky, hard to manage and time consuming
2. Humans have never been taught safe online behaviors, despite knowledge of digital dangers

We address these by:
1. Delivering you a fully automated solution that targets training and testing to your most vulnerable users
2. Focusing on the safe behaviors that help your team avoid digital traps

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How much time should I plan for initial onboarding?
The platform is designed for complete automation and ease, and we typically get fully set up in under 30 minutes.

Where do you get your Training content?
Excellent question! Our team creates and updates it internally. In fact, we made a post about that here.

How does your fully automated Training Program work?
We made it easy! Learn more here.

How frequently will my users receive Phishing tests?
With INFIMA's fully automated Phishing Simulator, every user averages 1 Phishing test per month (always randomized in content and timing of delivery). Based on our proprietary SmartPhish algorithm, your most exposed users will get Phished more actively.
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How are Training curricula determined?
At onboarding, we craft your custom curriculum. This training coursework always starts by following NIST's guidance and then includes any specific regulatory and compliance needs of your organization. Don't worry - this can always be updated as things change!