Here are the steps to running your Web Exposure Reports. We'll keep it quick, so you can get right to selling!

We've got instructions for running your WERs in two formats below: the short, abbreviated version or the longer, detailed version. Your pick!

Abbreviated Steps

Here are the quick steps in short form:
INFIMA Dashboard > click "Create New Web Exposure Report" > Follow the wizard to victory!

Detailed Steps

If you'd like fully illustrated steps, check us out below:

First, head over to the INFIMA Dashboard.

Sign in through our OAuth flow or with your own credential.

On the top right, click "Create a new Web Exposure Report":

The double arrow for effect

And the rest is easy peasy...

Add in the Prospect Name and Domain, and you're building that WER:

Tony Stark and crew need great cyber protection, too!

Once your report runs, the wizard guides you to download your prospect's Preview Report. Plus, we give you example email language to use in your first outreach:

Start with a Preview Report to grab their attention

With that Preview Report, you'll grab your prospect's interest.

Now, it's time to book that meeting and bring your prospect's Complete WER:

The Complete Report illustrates why they need your expertise for security!

Go win that prospect - the team at INFIMA is ready to celebrate with you!

And if you have any questions, hit us up at!