You sure can! INFIMA's platform is designed to be fully automated, so you don't have to dedicate time to manage the program.

But if you'd like to send to specific users or to all users, you'll hop into the INFIMA Dashboard and go to "Training Management."

Next, you can send to a group or selected individuals.

Click drop-down to select the group or individuals to send immediate Training invites.

You're given 3 Options for sending to groups or individuals:

Not On-Track: This includes all who are Off-Track or Critical.

Click to Remind Off-Track and Critical users

Critical Only: This is strictly your users who are 2+ courses behind

Click to Remind only Critical users

Selected: This sends only to the those individuals you've manually selected.

Click to Remind manually Selected users

Pre-Sending Confirmation:
To protect from unwanted sends, you'll be prompted to confirm prior to sending.

Click Send to deliver Training reminders to your users in real-time

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