We’ve built the Classroom to make it easy to send out a standard Training link from a trusted source within your organization. (i.e. you, perhaps!)

Link: INFIMA Classroom (https://classroom.infimasec.com/)
Note: currently available for Office 365 clients

While your team already receives automated reminders to take courses, this is an alternative way to send a direct reminder. It’s purely optional!

How does it work?

Send out that link (https://classroom.infimasec.com/) to anyone you’d like to take a course right away.

We leverage Office 365's OAuth flow - no additional passwords to remember!
Your users type in their Office 365 email address and password to login.
And they're in!

The Training experience is exactly the same for your users.

Your reporting stays just the same.

And if a user wants to take multiple courses, just repeat the process above!

If you've got questions, would you shoot us a note at Support@infimasec.com?