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Solving security's people problem

Employee phishing causes 9 out of 10 security breaches. Confront your vulnerabilities by removing unsafe behaviors.

A persistent problem needs a new solution

Many top companies educate employees on social engineering and phishing, yet they fall victim to hackers daily. Break the cycle with behavior change.


Security awareness training is widespread, yet successful attacks have only increased. Prioritize behavior to identify vulnerabilities and protect your company.

Continuous testing

Security risks arise from unsafe behaviors, mostly routine. Continuous attack simulations mimic the real thing and instill safe user habits.

Comply with ease

Satisfy your regulatory, compliance and vendor requirements for security awareness training with a few clicks. We monitor and report on your policy compliance.

Always improving

Blending behavioral science research and cyber security expertise, we are solving the most pressing human challenges in cyber security.

Identify unsafe behaviors

Add your team

Enter your company’s web address to set up an account and sync your users with our Office365 and GSuite integrations.

Testing starts automatically

We automatically send real-world phishing attack simulations to probe and catalogue unsafe user responses.

See your vulnerabilities

Our proprietary model correlates unsafe user actions to behaviors that create vulnerabilities within your organization.

Learning safe behaviors

Customized content

Upon sign up, we create a tailored learning plan for your organization, based on industry and compliance needs.

Targeted remediation

In addition to company-wide courses, we send personalized content to your most vulnerable users.

Executive level view

We deliver monthly updates that consolidate company learning and vulnerability status into an easy to understand report.

Find unsafe behaviors

Learning safe behavior

Show your security chops

Individually, security has a human problem. Together, we defeat the attackers.

Start today

Don't wait weeks or months to get a solution in place. Choose INFIMA and start right away.

Begin at no cost

Give it a test ride. We dare you! Create an account and see why others are migrating to INFIMA.

Everything automated

Phishing. Training. Email Reminders. Reporting. Our services run themselves, so you can get back to your day job.

Tailored for you

Based on industry segment and compliance requirements, we craft a training plan suited to your needs.

Audits are a breeze

INFIMA is used by auditors and compliance consultants for their own programs. This means your audit is easier, too.

It doesn’t stop there,
we are cyber security pros

Transparent pricing

INFIMA is used by consultants, auditors and regulated municipalities to meet their requirements.

Simulated Phishing

We save the historical data for all your users and make it available to you through our dashboard.

Endpoint Protection

We offer compliant next-gen protection for your endpoints to keep you ahead of the attackers.