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Increase Your Protection, Not Your Workload

Security Awareness Training Keeps Your People Alert and Your Organization Safe… It’s too important to be a burden.

Seamless Integration

Up & Running in just 10 minutes, with onboarding done for you.

Zero-Touch Automation

No backend management required - INFIMA keeps you up-to-date while you take care of business.

Guaranteed Inbox Delivery

The Spam Problem?  We Solved It.

Reliable.  Assured.

Reminders, training content, Phish Testing.  Done for you.

Identify unsafe behaviors

Add your team

Enter your company’s web address to set up an account and sync your users with our Office365 and GSuite integrations.

Testing starts automatically

We automatically send real-world phishing attack simulations to probe and catalogue unsafe user responses.

See your vulnerabilities

Our proprietary model correlates unsafe user actions to behaviors that create vulnerabilities within your organization.

Learning safe behaviors

Customized content

Upon sign up, we create a tailored learning plan for your organization, based on industry and compliance needs.

Targeted remediation

In addition to company-wide courses, we send personalized content to your most vulnerable users.

Executive level view

We deliver monthly updates that consolidate company learning and vulnerability status into an easy to understand report.

Training Optimized For Retention

Hands-Free.  Hassle Free.

Don’t Get Left Behind.

INFIMA Keeps Your People Alert In An Ever Changing Landscape.

Industry-Specific Compliance Training

Compliance modules directly relevant to your sector engage your staff with real-world takeaways

Actionable Reporting

INFIMA generates insightful feedback to easily monitor improvement over time, track training delivery and identify risky users

Custom Training Policy

Generate a training policy in line with your organization's compliance guidelines, to satisfy auditing requirements and simplify your papertrail

Quick & Easy Program Monitoring

INFIMA’s intuitive dashboard lets you view your program at a glance

Full, Effortless Automation

Every task is fully automated from Day One, so Security Awareness Training never finds its way back on to your To-Do list