Individuals passionately focused
on solving complex problems

Eliminating complexity

We tackle the hard parts of managing your Security Awareness Training program so you can focus elsewhere.

Focus on behavior

The status quo isn’t breaking the cycle of breaches. Most organizations provide cyber knowledge training to employees, but this hasn’t stopped the attackers. Something must change.

INFIMA’s research-based approach marries psychology and cyber security to defeat hacker’s schemes. Rather than expecting your employees to become cyber sleuths, instill safe online behaviors to keep them protected.

Product vision

We focus on combining the latest advancements in technology with university research on behavior and security, delivering a product that breeds meaningful change in your employee security posture in the simplest way possible.

Our commitment to you

Technology can solve a lot of problems, but sometimes you just need to speak with someone. We welcome questions and respond to every inquiry.



Plural of infimum.
From mathematics: the greatest lower bound
The greatest element in T that is less than or equal to all elements of S.