Delivering Security Awareness requires a ton of work to stay on track. You can’t have a program that’s both effective and fully automated.
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Getting Security Awareness Right is a Full-Time Job

Your team burns hours upon hours running every program task

  • Scheduling training delivery
  • Creating each new phishing campaign
  • Monitoring training completion
  • Endless whitelisting and troubleshooting for deliverability
  • Constantly adding and removing users as employees join and leave

Is it surprising that delivering Security Awareness Training takes so much of your time?

INFIMA Strips Your To Do List

With INFIMA, every task is done for you.

  • Training and phishing campaigns
    Built, scheduled and delivered without input.
  • User sync
    Continually verified and updated, so you don’t have to manually add/remove users.
  • Assured Mail Delivery
    Guaranteed inbox arrival, without the hassle of whitelisting.
  • Verifiable Results
    Every training course & phishing email action, reported with ease
  • Re-targeting  your weakest links
    automated delivery of additional training for risky users

INFIMA delivers Security Awareness the way it should be: effective and hassle-free.

Your security stack means onboarding is complex. You can’t expect it to be done in minutes.
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Onboarding Issues are Your Responsibility

You’ve signed up for Security Awareness Training...

  • You’re left to figure everything out on your own
  • Your team spends hours(or even days) adding users and managing the AD connector
  • Once every user is added, you cross your fingers and hope the training gets through
  • Revisit whitelisting over and over to figure out why some users aren’t receiving messages
  • All these errors are yours to solve
  • And if you need help?  File a support ticket, and wait around for a response

How do you know the program is running correctly? Or that all users are in training?

INFIMA Makes Sure It’s Right, The First Time

INFIMA is with you through onboarding from start to finish

  • Modern APIs
    Onboard entire organizations in minutes, with absolute certainty
  • Whatever it takes
    Our team walks you through the whole process (as many times as you need to feel completely confident flying solo)
  • Ask Questions
    We make sure every question is answered
  • Book a Call
    You can book a call with us in just a few clicks to get the help you need, quickly

We could make more of this, but onboarding with INFIMA really is this simple.

I don’t feel like we’re Partners. I commit to a long-contract, pay up front, and support tickets aren’t even returned... all from a vendor who tries to sell around me.  We’re supposed to work together.
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Does Your “Partnership” Feel Like a One-Way Street?

Does your “partnership” work both ways?

  • You sign up for multi-year commitments, with hefty sums due upfront
  • You’re locked in, even if your clients cancel
  • You’re paying for minimum seats to get better terms, no matter no many users are enrolled
  • If your clients are slow to renew? Your provider simply cuts you out

Doesn’t sound fair, does it?

Partnership at INFIMA Looks Different

INFIMA treats partners how we want to be treated (Thanks Mom!)

  • No brutal, binding contracts
  • No minimum terms or minimum seats
  • No upfront fees - pay monthly per user
  • Partners get exclusive pricing
  • Plus, you can book a call at any time to quickly get the answers you need

And if that’s not enough? INFIMA will NEVER sell around you.

How do I pick the right training for my organization? I need something that keeps my team secure, without all the guesswork.
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How Do You Know Which Training Content Your Team Needs?

You sign up with a provider... What next?

  • What content and frequency best fits your industry?
  • You pick a topic, spend hours setting up campaigns (and pray that every user sees the emails)
  • Start checking if users have received/completed training (then send reminders to those behind)

Repeat every month. Sounds kinda exhausting...

INFIMA’s Experts Deliver The Right Training For Your Organization

INFIMA’s training is designed to meet the needs of your industry.

  • Content chosen for relevance and delivered regularly
  • Compliance-based topics relevant for your industry make compliance conversations a breeze
  • Research-backed training developed for engagement and retention
  • Every organization receives a tailored Security Awareness Training policy

INFIMA’s consistent training keeps Security top of mind. And the bad guys out.