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62 Percent

We’ve got a problem.

Attackers are relentlessly focused on our SMB community - the lifeblood of this economy. To be sure, 62% of cyber attacks are against SMBs (data from Chubb). With a shocking data point like that, let’s dig in a bit more on the reasoning and the solution.

Why are cyber criminals targeting SMBs?

SMBs are caught right in the middle of the massive digital transformation of our society and our economy. In order to compete, they are required to move swiftly through this transition, and it drains financial and human resources. This is where vulnerabilities begin.

As our SMB clients fight to compete, their newly adopted and increasingly complex digital technology creates a corresponding increase in cyber crime vulnerability. Sadly, this same technology that yields business efficiencies also enables criminal elements to employ their breach and exploitation capabilities quickly, cheaply and anonymously.

So where’s the problem?

It’s in our communication.

All too many SMB leaders have been inundated with uber-breach stories like Yahoo and Target, leaving them confused and prone to simply tune out.

How do we fix this?

The fix starts with understanding the needs of SMB decision makers. Just as with every other complex product they purchase, they are seeking peace of mind in knowing their business and team are protected.

For example, the Managing Partner of a rapidly growing 40-person law firm doesn’t need to know exactly how to build her new office. That’s what the contractor is for. Our successful lawyer client needs to know that the contractor is knowledgeable and trustworthy. With that comfort, she can rest assured in knowing her staff will be safe and productive in their new digs.

Your SMB clients are seeking peace of mind, not scary stories.

What are we going to do about it?

INFIMA’s Partners deliver seamless security services to their clients, without the headache and giant budget increase. Relying on our fully-managed suite of services, our Partners confidently deliver the peace of mind that their client decision makers are seeking.

Might we sweeten the deal?

INFIMA’s Partners get access to our expanding marketing resources. More importantly, they gain a partner in their cyber security journey.

We get to work with the best, and we love what do.

Ready to learn more? Connect with us here!

Joel Cahill

Cybersecurity enthusiast. Entrepreneur.