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Human-focused security suite

Ensuring every employee stays safe on the internet is hard. We created INFIMA to help.

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program today

Satisfy your audit requirements

Raise your team’s security awareness

Take control of your cyber risks

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Start your compliance
program today

We send the emails for you

We automate announcements, invitations and reminders to all employees.

No more password resets

No passwords for employees to remember means no password resets for the admin.

All your results in one place

View real-time results 24x7 in the dashboard. Generate status reports on-demand.

Give your employees
a plan tailored to them

Emails pulled from real life attacks

We build our email templates from actual phishing attacks, allowing you to test employee actions with relevant simulations.

Remediate employee behavior

Each click during a phishing test represents a lapse in safe employee behavior. Teach your employees to stay vigilant year-round.

Breeze through audits

Designed for regulators

INFIMA works with auditors and regulators. In fact, they use us for their own training needs!

All your data in one place

Accessing training completion status and phishing reports is easy from one simple dashboard.

Keep pace with requirements

Cyber security evolves fast. Let us help you stay in front of the ever-evolving compliance landscape.