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MSPs in the Line of Fire

When the vast majority of attacks are automated and sprayed broadly, we never want to believe WE are the real target for a hacker.

Everis, one of Spain's largest Managed Service Providers, became the latest victim in the quickly expanding attacks targeting MSPs.

"The ransomware encrypted files on the company's systems using the .3v3r1s extension, further exposing the targeted nature of this attack against the MSP."

To prove their might, the attackers used an extension that mocked their target! Notice how 3v3r1s is "hacker-speak" for Everis.

The attackers asked Everis for a €750,000 ($835,923) ransom to get a decryption key to unlock their files.

This tactic of targeting MSPs has become wildly popular with cyber criminals. Once inside, the hacker exploits the MSP's management software to infect the provider's clients.

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Joel Cahill

Cybersecurity enthusiast. Entrepreneur.