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Alabama Hospitals Forced To Turn Away Patients After Cyber Attack

All three of DCH Health System's hospitals were forced to turn away "all but the most critical new patients."

"A criminal is limiting our ability to use our computer systems"

After the cyber attack paralyzed the health system's network, the three hospitals were forced to rely on pen and paper - a near impossibility in an age of electronic health record systems.

On top of the health risks to patients, this attack has been incredibly costly in financial and reputational terms for the DCH system.

As the healthcare attack surface expands, attackers will continue exploiting the complex networks and applications required to compete in today's healthcare industry. Cyber criminals have cashed in on healthcare attacks. They can easily sell stolen PHI (protected health information) data on the Dark Web and reap large ransoms by locking up critical systems.

INFIMA's Partners serve healthcare organizations of all sizes, protecting the team's on the front lines of the medical profession.

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Original article here.

Joel Cahill

Cybersecurity enthusiast. Entrepreneur.