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(Amateur) Hackers Wreak Havoc

The global spread of high-speed internet infrastructure has brought huge leaps in education and connection to virtually every corner of the planet. But there is a dark underside.

Nowadays, anyone with a computer and a desire for cash can launch cyber attacks on our organizations, schools and governments. These attackers typically reside in Eastern Europe, Africa and parts of Asia. Given their domicile, these "amateur" hackers often face little or no legal consequences.

"The availability of ransomware on dark-web forums means that anyone with the inclination and a relatively low level of technical ability can aim an attack at a company or a city."

Many of these attackers are simply following instructions from a dark-web forum, not knowing the true devastation they are causing.

"Now you have kids who are infecting networks with ransomware who really don’t know how to do it."

Too often, these "kids" are paid a ransom and discover they don't know how to provide a decryption key to unlock the victim's network.

Ransomware is today's cyber scourge, and it continues to worsen.

As cyber criminals' tools keep getting better, more organizations are turning to INFIMA's fully automated Cyber Security and Phishing Training to keep their teams safe.
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Joel Cahill

Cybersecurity enthusiast. Entrepreneur.