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Careful With That Chrome Update!

Cybercriminals know you want to maintain good cyber hygiene. They're spoofing Chrome updates to fool your users.

A notorious cybercriminal group launched a global campaign targeting browser updates.

Hacker group TA569 (aka SocGholish) uses very real-looking Google Chrome browser updates to steal your computer's data. And potentially a lot of it!

Rather than the promised Google Chrome update, clicking on this link downloads one of several malicious payload.

This is a very sneaky one. Updating your browser is part of good cyber-hygiene. These cybercriminals have aligned in cartels to exploit humans with excellent scare tactics and tricky malware.

The messages told the victims they needed to upgrade to the latest version of the Google Chrome browser, but actually included links to websites compromised with malware.

So how do you know if it's a real update?

In Chrome, you'll always look for that little arrow (green, orange or red) in the top right of your browser. There's no need to trust any other source! It's right there in your browser. (see below)

Google Chrome makes it easy! Only trust in-browser updates like this.
Legitimate notifications will look like this one.

Cybercriminals keep honing their skills. This is just one of their latest strategies to steal your data and extract money.

Are you ready to take action?
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Cybercriminals Spoofing Chrome Updates

Original article here.

Joel Cahill

Cybersecurity enthusiast. Entrepreneur.