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Illinois College Attacked - Right After Security Audit

Servers have been down for a week after a cyber attack on Illinois Valley Community College. This happened right after the school's security audit.

“We're all susceptible, even a college like IVCC, that we had just been through a security audit.” -IVCC President, Jerry Corcoran

While security audits are critical in building a strong cyber security program, they often fail to adequately measure employee security behaviors. Without consistent training, any employee can put the organization at risk.

“It sure made things more difficult for people communicating with email and all that -- I couldn't begin to emphasize that point,” said Corcoran.

Unfortunately, IVCC isn't the only Illinois school to be attacked by hackers recently. The College of DuPage was breached last month, as well.

Cyber criminals consistently use Phishing emails to launch these attacks.

For schools across the country, it's time to implement Fully Automated Security Awareness Training to protect your faculty and students.
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Joel Cahill

Cybersecurity enthusiast. Entrepreneur.