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Do you know who’s putting your Organization at Risk?

With 90%+ of compromises originating from criminal Phishing campaigns, you need to know who is opening the door for attackers.

Everyone knows the Internet can be a dangerous place. But attacks still happen every day of the year. Research shows that knowledge and intellect have no correlation with an employee avoiding a Phishing attack. While we may have an intellectual understanding of the dangers, we often don’t realize our unsafe behaviors expose us, our teams and our organizations.

INFIMA protects your organization by continuously testing your employees for unsafe behaviors - the behaviors that lead to breaches. Once identified through testing, our platform remediates those behaviors with targeted training, leaving you with a safer workplace.

In addition to the security benefits of continuous behavior testing, INFIMA satisfies your compliance mandates for security awareness training. Together, we empower your team’s security and compliance.

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Joel Cahill

Cybersecurity enthusiast. Entrepreneur.