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Pay Up! Or Watch Out For Facebook Ads??

An infamous Ransomware team adds a new media strategy to its hacks.

Yep. Facebook ads adding insult to injury.

Yeah, that just doesn't sound right. I mean, right??

So the Ragnar Locker Ransomware Team added a new trick to their strategy to force victims to pay ransom demands. They kindly introduced it to the world with the recent Campari Group breach. You may not be familiar with Campari, but you certainly know their beverage brands like SKYY Vodka or Wild Turkey Bourbon. Maybe these hackers have a taste for bourbon?

That new strategy includes sponsored Facebook Ads to highlight their victim's plight. Their hope (as always) is that it forces the breached organization to pay up. In this case, their ransom demand reached $15 million!

“At this stage, we cannot completely exclude that some personal and business data has been taken.” - Campari

In an effort to keep the headlines to a minimum, the Campari Group stated that they couldn't "completely exclude that some personal and business data has been taken.”

And in response, the Ragnar Team issued their own statement:

“This is ridiculous and looks like a big fat lie. We can confirm that confidential data was stolen and we talking about huge volume of data.” - Ragnar Facebook Ad

Well alright, alright, alright!

Just to make it crystal clear that they had compromised the company, the Ragnar Team released a contract between Wild Turkey and actor Matthew McConaughey. This isn't the first time

These attacks keep hitting, and the ransom demands keep increasing. The Ragnar Team is just one of several highly sophisticated Ransomware groups that include the likes of NetWalker and REvil.

The good news is that these hacks can be stopped!

The first step is training your team to avoid the initial Phishing email, the ones that healthcare organizations are getting every single day.

Are you ready to take action?
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Shout out to Krebs on this one.

Joel Cahill

Cybersecurity enthusiast. Entrepreneur.