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First Week of School Delayed by Attack

A successful cyber attack on a Pennsylvania's school district delayed the start of the school year by a week.

"Souderton Area School District is still experiencing network problems after a ransomware cyber attack the first week of school."

The school district was not completely unprepared for an attack. In fact, they had many network protections in place, including “an array of industry standard and reputable firewall and malware protection services to shield against infiltration attempts by cyber criminals."

"Despite these protections, the cyber criminals were successful in penetrating and disrupting our network.”

In nearly every attack of late, cyber criminals evade technical network protections by exploiting human behaviors. Through social engineering, like malicious Phishing emails, hackers gain entry by fooling employees into granting them access.

INFIMA's Partners work with schools and districts to identify and remediate the human vulnerabilities in networks.

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Full article here.

Joel Cahill

Cybersecurity enthusiast. Entrepreneur.