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Hacker Steals Emerging Tech IP with Social Engineering

Social Engineer and Hacker Ankur Agarwal entered the target company in 2017 and installed key-loggers on employee computers. These key-loggers record every typed document, username, password and message.

Newly armed with multiple employee access credentials, he proceeded to steal the company's valuable IP.

Among the information he swiped, were 7,000 emails from the company’s IT team, 8,000 email files from an employee and a human resources file containing information about more than 50 of the company’s senior managers"

In a separate attack, Agarwal entered the building with a stolen employee access card. He proceeded to get cozy there, once he "made himself an access card that had someone else’s name on it."

Businesses rely on data. Stolen IP and critical communications can derail or even bankrupt an organization.

INFIMA's Security Training Platform teaches your team how to stay safe in the digital and physical worlds.

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Joel Cahill

Cybersecurity enthusiast. Entrepreneur.