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Hacking Goes Mainstream (CNN)

The volume and severity of cyber attacks on American businesses has caught the attention of Big Media.

CNN's report explains the steps hackers take, and each attack "starts innocently enough, with an email. But when someone clicks the link inside, hackers quickly take over."

"The most common way for attackers to penetrate a network is through a phishing attempt."

One of the most painful stories highlighted involves a "network of Alabama hospitals that had to stop accepting new patients because of a ransomware attack."

"Systems infected with ransomware can also be infected with other types of malware that remain hidden on the system even if the victim decides to pay the ransom," said a spokesman for the FBI.

Ransomware catches a lot of headlines recently, attackers often enter a network and don't announce their presence for weeks or months. A ransomware attack may only be a piece of the pain.

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Joel Cahill

Cybersecurity enthusiast. Entrepreneur.