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Introducing: INFIMA Prospecting Tools

Would you like to close your warm leads with seamlessly delivered Hacking Simulations?

Your prospects are vulnerable to the same cyber attacks ravaging SMBs, nonprofits and governments across the country. Now, you can easily highlight their risks and use powerful reports to win new business!

Our Partners already use network vulnerability scans to identify risks across prospect networks. With INFIMA, they use real-world Hacking Simulations to demonstrate security expertise and close managed services sales.

“With INFIMA’s Phishing Scans, we closed a new government client in 4 days!” - Central Florida MSP

Nearly every single attack on SMBs starts with an employee clicking on a bad link in a Phishing email or malicious site. Show your prospects your proactive approach to security. Testing employees for Phishing vulnerability is the most effective step in preventing breaches and protecting passwords.

Show your clients and prospects their human risks with INFIMA’s new Phishing Scans. Easily test them with a Phishing campaign that’s initiated in minutes by anyone in your organization. All you need is company permission! We do the rest.

Ready to learn more? Connect with us here!

Joel Cahill

Cybersecurity enthusiast. Entrepreneur.