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Key Takeaways from ITNation Connect

Outside of the epic rap battles and charity beard shaving, here are our key takeaways for Partners.

For those who missed it, the rap battles were legit.
And the beard shaving raised 6-figures for charity!

Awesome week.

We heard a lot about the economy, inflation, talent shortages - you know, all those things keeping you up at night.

Fortunately, the MSP space still have an expanding opportunity set, across clients, products and services.

Now, how do you seize on these opportunities?

Let's dive into the takeaways for INFIMA and our Partners, with these 4 focus areas highlighted throughout the conference for high-performing MSPs (or Dynamic ITSPs in ConnectWise parlance):

  • Relentless Automation
  • Put Data to Work for You
  • Exceptional Customer Experience
  • Focus on Cybersecurity

Relentless Automation

As an MSP, you have to leverage every hour of your team's time to maintain and expand margins. You have plenty of ways to expand your top-line revenue, but that revenue doesn't magically turn into profits. Customers demand more for less.

This is where automation comes into play.

With accurate automation, your team:

  • Saves time
  • Reduces costs
  • Protects margins
  • Lets you expand your offerings!

In short, if you're not automating, you're already feeling the pain, and it's only getting worse.
(Spoiler alert: we automate every step of your Security Awareness Training program - click here for more)

Put Data to Work for You

Big data. Machine learning. AI.
It all sounds great. But data is only useful if you know it's correct, in a usable format, at the right time and with a relevant use.

Let's be honest, all of those are tough to hit. You've got data, but you don't have the time to do it all.

Here's where you identify vendors who provide data AND take the necessary actions automatically (reference that Relentless Automation piece above!)

For example, INFIMA continuously takes in hundreds of thousands of data points from our Training courses and simulated Phishing tests. Sure, we could deliver all of that to you with a nice "Good Luck" message and a fat invoice.

Instead, we take the next steps and put that data to work for you - automatically.

With those millions of data points, we work to instill safe behaviors for each of your end users.

Quick break: can you guess which of ConnectWise's own is here lighting it up at the rap battle?

Exceptional Customer Experience

Technology has to delight. We're past the time when it was widely accepted that new devices and applications are hard to use.

This puts the burden on MSPs to: (a) provide excellent service at onboarding through the lifecycle and (b) only partner with vendors that complement this customer experience.

People are expensive. Good people are priceless. This means you need to leverage your best talent, with both relentless automation and useful data.

Focus on Cybersecurity

Cue up the latest mind-blowing stat on hacks or phishing or cyber wallet-share. You've already heard them all, so we won't waste that bullet!

Instead, it helps to think your MSP business first as a cybersecurity provider that also does all the other tasks of an MSP. Cyber wins the day, and that's not changing anytime soon.

So this means MSPs need excellent cyber vendors who make it easy to sell their products and simple to deliver and manage them. Pretty sure that's what you pay them for in the first place, right?!

Ok, let's get to the punch line here...

INFIMA automates every step of your clients' Security Awareness journey, using data for customized user experiences that enhance the value of your cybersecurity offering.

If you're an MSP and want to learn more, go check out how we work with Partners here. If you like what you see, book a time to chat!

Joel Cahill

Cybersecurity enthusiast. Entrepreneur.