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NC State Bar Victim of Cyber Attack

If any profession knows how to value its time (or downtime), it's the legal profession!

With the attack on North Carolina's Bar this week, we can expect greater focus on cyber protections across the legal industry. This only compounds the top-of-mind cyber security concerns for Law Firms.

Everyone knows Law Firms have critical PII data and a HUGE incentive to avoid downtime - billable hours! Some of the less considered risks relate to client engagement agreements that hold Firms to elevated cyber security standards.

Add in regulatory risks to this mix, and you've got a potent cyber risk cocktail. Losses can arise from ransom demands, lost productivity, damaged reputation and regulatory enforcement.

"Access to the State Bar website and Membership/CLE portal is currently unavailable while we work to restore and repair our system."

This is exactly what INFIMA's Partners help clients avoid.

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Joel Cahill

Cybersecurity enthusiast. Entrepreneur.