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NOLA Prioritizes $3 Million Cyber Spend

Amidst budget freezes, the New Orleans is prioritizing over $3 million in cybersecurity spend to protect networks.

Months after a cyber attack shut down its government (see here), the City of New Orleans is prioritizing over $3 million in cybersecurity spend. This comes amidst the human and economic challenges of Coronavirus.

“The city is currently in a spending freeze, with COVID. But...we are making sure that we are moving the expenses associated with the cyber attack forward,”

On top of the remediation effort, New Orleans has faced increased attack volume related to COVID-19. Hackers are using the Pandemic for profit (like here and here).

The coronavirus has also underscored the need for a stronger tech operation, as opportunistic hackers have tested the city's defenses in recent months.

To capitalize on confusion and uncertainty, hackers increased their Phishing volume dramatically.

The city has seen a rise in phony emails from hackers seeking to score a payday, something that has tested the city's new protections.

Phishing is ruling the day for attackers. And it won't stop until it's no longer so wildly profitable. Whether it's login credential theft or malicious file downloads, hackers  run wild once inside.

Once they obtain a login, hackers work their way through systems, locking up computers and demanding payment to allow access.

It's time to protect your team and your assets from these attacks.

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Original article here.

Joel Cahill

Cybersecurity enthusiast. Entrepreneur.