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Phishing with Doorbusters

With the holiday season here, remind your teams to avoid those too good to be true deals!

"Fake lookalike sites attempt to impersonate legitimate online retail sites, but offer significant discounts in order to incentivize people to make a payment or enter their credit card details."

These attacks start with a phishing campaign using product discounts to get your users to land on a malicious site to steal login credentials or financial info.

"If a user clicked on the enclosed link, they would be brought to the [lookalike] website, which to almost any visitor would look like the real site."

With attacks increasing, what should we do to keep our teams and their families safe?

We suggest you start with this advice:

1. When a deal looks too good to be true, it almost always is! Avoid these.
2. Avoid clicking on email links, use a search engine to go directly to the brand's site. You can copy and paste any emailed discount code once there.
3. And if you must click that email link, double check the URL first! Lookalike domains can be really sneaky.

And then keep your people safe all year with Security Training and Testing.
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Original article here.

Joel Cahill

Cybersecurity enthusiast. Entrepreneur.