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School Cyber Attacks Are Surging

As many as 500 individual grade schools have been compromised by cyber criminals this year alone.

"Schools are particularly vulnerable because a successful ransomware attack has the potential to disrupt lesson plans or even delay the start of the academic year."

Recent headlines include schools in Florida, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Nebraska, Ohio and Missouri. In an attack in Lansdale, PA, school officials made students return their school-issued computers to prevent the infection from spreading.

Like small local governments, schools are “targets of opportunity” that are often “behind the curve in terms of security and countermeasures.”

Cyber attackers will target anyone and anything that offers a potential payday. Schools are a ripe target in need of professional IT and Cyber Security expertise.

INFIMA's Partners seamlessly serve the security needs of small schools and large educational institutions.

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Joel Cahill

Cybersecurity enthusiast. Entrepreneur.