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SLAs and Automation

Increasingly, your clients rely on your SLAs to satisfy their stakeholders. This. Is. Important.

Hot Take:

You can't satisfy your SLAs without reliable automation across your stack.

As an MSP, your people are everything. And specifically, your team's time is the prized asset.

To take that a bit further - you have to build an amazing team, because your clients demand more and more out of your Managed Services stack.

Hiring those talented people is getting extra difficult, making it even more challenging to protect your profits.

So as an MSP, satisfying your SLAs requires you to leverage your team's time and skills without exhausting them. The only way to pull this off is through automation - reliable automation, but more on that later.

As you've undoubtedly seen, your SLA requirements are getting more scrutiny. Importantly, clients expect you to satisfy both explicit and implicit requirements in those SLAs. Right or wrong, these have to be addressed to keep clients happy.

Ok, so why is a Security Awareness Training company writing about your SLAs?

Security Awareness Training and SLAs

As we grow in this amazing MSP channel, we consistently hear from new Partners that they struggled to maintain their Security Awareness Training component of their client SLAs with their prior SAT vendor.

Your Training and Phishing program is a small part of your security stack, but it's often one of the most tedious tools to manage. It can take a lot of work to get it right!

When those SLAs point to compliance requirements or cyber insurance affirmations, your MSP can be exposed to risk of failing to deliver as promised.

So let's consider the examples...

Your client's regulator requires regular simulated phishing attacks. Great. You know how to do that. But someone has to do the work of setting up the phishing templates, scheduling them, sending them and even following up to ensure they were delivered!

All too often, Phishing tests fall by the wayside.

And then there's the training requirements from your client's insurance provider. Again, you know exactly what to do. But someone has to schedule, plan, deliver, follow up on all of it!

Training every user becomes a steep hill to climb.

Slipping on these deliverables can be extremely costly.

These are all reasons to automate. And INFIMA does exactly that for MSPs - reliably. Built as API-first, we automate your complete Security Awareness Training program. For every enrolled user at every client - done right.

Rest easy knowing that every enrolled user at every client is consistently Trained with relevant content.

Report with confidence to your clients.

Stop worrying about user syncs that sometimes work or training that doesn't arrive or phishing tests that don't happen. Reliable automation removes these concerns. Automation you can rely on allows you to focus on all the other thousand tasks and not worry about this one.

Rest assured knowing that users are phished, re-targeted and taught safe behaviors. This keeps your clients safe and your MSP protected.

And the cherry on top? All of it points directly to your tailored Security Awareness Training Policy. 🤯

If you're an MSP and want to learn more, go check out how we work with Partners here. If you like what you see, book a time to chat!

Disclaimer: The attorneys always have their say, so we do have to specify that the above only works when your clients are enrolled with INFIMA's program year-round, with all users added via INFIMA's integrated Microsoft and Google syncs.

Photo by charlesdeluvio on Unsplash

Joel Cahill

Cybersecurity enthusiast. Entrepreneur.