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Spartans Hacked

Colleges and universities face tighter budgets just as cyber attacks increase.

An infamous hacker group has compromised Michigan State University. The NetWalker Ransomware team announced the attack themselves and gave the University a week to pay their ransom demand.

The ransomware gang is prepared to leak documents stolen from the university's network on a special website the group is operating on the dark web.

The NetWalker group is one of several hacking organizations that leak stolen documents to force payment from victims.

NetWalker operators have already published five images on the site to support their claims.

These hacking groups typically operate forums on the Dark Web where they distribute (and sometimes sell) stolen files.

These include images showing a directory structure allegedly from the university's network, a passport scan for a student, and two scans of Michigan State financial documents.

Colleges and universities face tighter budgets alongside rising cyber risks (like here).

And it's not just colleges under attack. In fact, many elementary, middle and high schools have been compromised. Recent attacks include those in Texas, Montana and New Mexico.

Schools will be required to implement additional security measures. The quickest (and lowest cost!) solution is Fully Automated Security Awareness Training.

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Original article here.

Joel Cahill

Cybersecurity enthusiast. Entrepreneur.