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Update: Deadline Approaching on Texas Cybersecurity Training Requirement

Texas government employee Cybersecurity Training requirement deadline is June 14, 2020.

Recognizing the gravity of cyber risks, the Texas Legislature passed H.B. 3834 in June, mandating annual cybersecurity training for government employees.

Since its passage many Texas state and municipal offices have implemented cybersecurity awareness programs, but here's a quick recap for those still needing to meet the June 14 deadline:

Who must be Trained?

  • State Agencies: Employees who use a computer to complete at least 25 percent of the employee’s required duties, and elected or appointed officers of the agency.
  • Local Government Entities: Employees who have access to a local government computer system or database and elected officials.
  • State Contractors: Contractors of state agencies who have access to a state computer system or database must complete training during the term of the contract and during any renewal period.

When is the deadline for Training completion?
Annual training must be completed by June 14, 2020.

How does my organization demonstrate compliance?

  • State Agencies: Agencies will certify their employee and contractor training compliance biennially in the Agency Security Plan.
  • Local Government Entities: Local government employees will self-report their training compliance using Texas by Texas (TxT).

How do I find a certified Training program?
The Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) maintains a list of qualified vendors (link included below).

Is INFIMA a Certified Cybersecurity Training provider?
Absolutely! INFIMA is proud to work with Texas government offices.

To comply with ease as the deadline approaches, Texas government offices are turning to INFIMA's fully automated Cyber Security Training.
Ready to learn more? Start here!

See guidance from Texas DIR here.
View a list of certified training programs here (downloadable .docx file).
[ Training Programs.docx]

Joel Cahill

Cybersecurity enthusiast. Entrepreneur.