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Security Awareness and The Spam Problem

You've prepped your team, you've done the work... and then the spam filters engage.

Do you ever feel like your spam filters are in a battle with your Security Awareness Training program?

For starters, we're not knocking email filters:
Spam emails are a huge business: it’s estimated that they account for almost 50% of all email traffic worldwide... that’s almost 150 billion time-wasting, risky emails every day.

Considering that the average office worker receives over 100 emails daily and checks their mail no less than 15 times EVERY DAY it’s no surprise that organizations invest heavily in filtering to cut the spam their people have to wade through just to do their jobs.

These filters are necessary, not only to preserve employee productivity but also to protect from malicious emails.

The trouble is, spam filtering is a fine balance...

Would you prefer the horror of missing an important message because it landed in Junk, thanks to hyper-aggressive filtering. Or would you rather wade through dozens of unwanted emails to find the ones you need?

The spam problem is especially acute when it comes to Security Awareness Training and Phish Testing.

Training reminders, updates and phish testing are all delivered by email...

If those messages get snagged in spam filters, the efficacy of your security awareness program is questionable - your people aren’t seeing the content you’re paying for!

You start hearing the old refrain: “I didn’t take the Training because I never got the invite.” Over and over...

The common antidote to this is “whitelisting” - setting incoming message privileges for certain senders to ensure their emails get through.

This should mean that emails from your training provider and phish testing domains will always safely arrive in inboxes…

That’s not always the case.

No more excuses like... “I didn’t receive that Training reminder.”

Problems arise with this approach with networks using more complex (i.e. often safer!) inbox configurations.

In much of the past, it’s been perfectly feasible to rely on local spam filters, but Phishing emails have become all too frequent and evasive.

Managing your spam filtering has turned into a full-time job on its own

But with your Security Awareness Training program, you have intentionally “spammy” or “phishy” emails that need to get through to your users.

Let’s say you’re running Office365 with a 3rd party spam filter on top, working together with local email settings...

You need to configure all of these filters together to make sure the right emails get through, without ruining all of your valid filters.

As more layers of protection/filtration are added, more coordination is needed between them to ensure they are all pulling in the same direction

So you’ve whitelisted the domains, but the emails you want your people to see still aren’t coming through.

THIS is “The Spam Problem”.

And when it rears its head, it’s maddening.

The Spam Problem is an industry-wide curse that saps thousands of labour hours every year from networks… time that could be spent addressing real problems

That’s why INFIMA went back to the drawing board and developed Assured Mail Delivery - a groundbreaking delivery system that ensures 100% delivery of your Security Awareness Training messages to the recipient’s inbox.

No longer will you feel the need to bang your head on the keyboard again…

Sound appealing?

We make it easy to Train your team effectively and easily.

Start with a quick quote - hit us up here! (No sales call necessary!)

Joel Cahill

Cybersecurity enthusiast. Entrepreneur.