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Hackers Mess With Texas

Apparently, hackers haven't heard the saying. In the last two weeks alone, they've taken down the TxDOT and Court System.

Two weeks, two huge attacks. Cyber criminals have a target on Texas.

A hacker gained access to the TxDOT's network last week, in what officials are calling a "ransomware event."

This Ransomware attack comes right on the heels of a similar hit on the Texas court system. In that event, the court was forced to announce rulings over Twitter! (More on that here)

Last summer, 23 different [Texas] localities were simultaneously hit by the malware in a coordinated attack. The fallout took months to recover from.

Back at TxDOT (Texas Dept of Transportation), officials have brought in the big guns from the FBI and Texas DIR (Dept of Information Resources) to assist. Their website has limited functionality currently and other critical services may be affected.

These attacks come as the state prepares to reopen post-lockdown. This presents tricky obstacles for all organizations, public and private.

Texas is at the forefront of cyber security for its government offices. In fact, they passed a law last year requiring Security Awareness Training for all government employees. (More on that here)

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Original article here.

Joel Cahill

Cybersecurity enthusiast. Entrepreneur.