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Louisiana Fears More Attacks on State and Local Governments

Cyber security has quickly become a top concern among government officials in Louisiana and elsewhere. State and local governments have reported over a hundred attacks in the last year.

Last week's cyberattack on Louisiana ITI College in Baton Rouge suggests that hackers have no intention of leaving Louisiana alone.

With government targets, criminals deploy ransomware to rake in billions. Ransomware is this era's version of the bank heist.

When you’re faced with the possibility that if you don’t pay the ransom you’re going to lose access to things that you’re legally required to hold onto, what do you do?

Recognizing that this problem is not going away, many states are taking action to protect their people. In June of last year, Texas passed HB 3834, mandating annual Security Awareness Training for all state and local government employees and contractors.

Any organization can be compromised if it doesn't train its employees to avoid dubious emails, the most common trigger of such attacks.

As cyber criminals keep getting better, more organizations are turning to INFIMA's fully automated Cyber Security Training to keep their teams safe.
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Joel Cahill

Cybersecurity enthusiast. Entrepreneur.