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Stuck on an island. No beef. No radio.

At least it's a nice island! And maybe they have gas by now...

Ransomware is invading every part of life.

We thought it might just be a gasoline shortage when Colonial Pipeline got hacked. And that one wasn't even about the pipeline! It was their accounting system - they feared they'd not be able to bill customers correctly...

Then a huge beef producer gets hacked. So we start restoring gasoline supplies, only to lose our precious beef supply.

And then people get stuck on an island when a ransomware attack hit a ferry operator.

Well, to be fair, it's a really nice island. And you could obviously just have your private jet (or helicopter) swing by to pick you up. Speaking of... I wonder how the crew over at Wings is doing these days.


And then we lose TV and radio feeds. Entertainment giant Cox Media got hit, taking down their many radio and TV stations.

So let's step back a moment here...

Truly, what would it look like to be on an island that you can't get off of because there are no boats and no fuel. And then you've run out of food supplies and can't access TV or radio to get more information?

I'm not saying this isn't a great plot line for the next armageddon movie.

But it's not how we want to live. We've worked hard to build a robust infrastructure in America. We'd really like to enjoy that peacefully!

These Phishing campaigns leading to ransomware attacks are ravaging our country's companies, governments and non-profits.

Ok, that's enough fear.

Let's get to facts...

Phishing works really, really well.

Cybercriminals are gathering data at a blistering pace and compiling it all together for Phishing campaigns.

It's nearly free to send Phishing emails. And it has nearly zero criminal or civil risk for the cybercriminal groups sending millions of Phishes per day.

So what do we do about it?

We start with protecting our people. They're the ones the Phishing attacks target. Individuals are the ones who stumble for these attacks. And we don't fault them! They have an attacker lurking every moment of the day.

INFIMA makes that stop.

At INFIMA, we work with our partners and clients to see a more secure today, avoiding attacks just like this one.

Every day our clients and partners take steps to protect their people and their organizations with consistent, always-on Security Awareness Training.

Learn how easy it is to partner with INFIMA here!

Joel Cahill

Cybersecurity enthusiast. Entrepreneur.