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Web Exposure Reports or Dark Web Scans?

Both can be effective, but what's the difference?

Web Exposure Reports (WERs) have been blowing up Zach’s inbox lately - with good vibes only! Our Partners are raving about how they’re getting in front of new prospects easier than ever before.

Not shockingly... we LOVE feedback like that!
Who wouldn't, right?!

We’re getting a few questions too, so let’s set the record straight.

One of the most common we’ve seen...

What's the difference between a Web Exposure Report and a Dark Web Scan?

These are two very different tools, so let’s dive in.

The Web Exposure Report is proprietary and exclusive to INFIMA partners - listing out and breaking down all of the contact information available online in real-time (on both the Dark Web and Surface Web) about an organization’s people…

This is the exact same info hackers pull up in designing phishing attacks.

Web Exposure Reports find that information, just like hackers do.

The WER shines a light on the weaknesses that make an organization a ripe target for an attacker.

The report helps you show your prospect exactly how that attack unfolds, and how easy it is to strengthen their defense today.

Plus, the Web Exposure Report also reveals:

  • The hidden danger that even basic information poses to a network
  • The “90% Rule” of ransomware attacks, and how the risk plummets with just 10-15 minutes invested each month
  • The one time that being tricked by a phishing email is a good thing!
  • The security secret that turns an organization’s “Achilles heel” into its greatest defensive asset
  • Why the “Pincer Approach” of training and testing demonstrates commitment across the board

Most importantly, the Web Exposure Report reveals what your prospect can do today to keep themselves safe.

All of these together make the Web Exposure Report super effective at grabbing your prospect’s attention and getting meetings in your calendar.

On the other hand, Dark Web Scans trawl for sensitive information that’s already been accessed and published:
Usernames, passwords, social security numbers, credit card details…

A Dark Web Scan lists information that’s already compromised and available online.

You can run these scans for free online (Google is your friend!)

This helps demonstrate the need for additional security measures such as MFA (that's a good thing!), but let’s face it, the Dark Web Scan is the same as slamming the stable door after the horse has bolted.

Think of cybersecurity like fire safety…

The Web Exposure Report is like taking a box of matches away from a small child…

The Dark Web Scan is the fire alarm sounding when the 34th floor is ablaze.

Both are very helpful tools, but we believe prevention is better than reaction.

There you have it…

The Dark Web Scan is the siren after the fire is raging...

The Web Exposure Report snuffs out the threat before it causes harm.

Are you ready to fire-proof your clients’ cybersecurity?

Security Awareness Training lets them protect themselves before it’s too late.

Sign up as a Partner risk-free today, and start sending unlimited Web Exposure Reports from your INFIMA dashboard.

Remember, your next client won’t act to prevent a threat they don’t understand.

Talk to Zach and let us show you how INFIMA makes growing your business easier and delivering security awareness training effortless.

Cover Photo by Jeremy Bishop onUnsplash

Joel Cahill

Cybersecurity enthusiast. Entrepreneur.