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Hackers Love Social Media

Facebook, LinkedIn and Clubhouse have all served up info ripe for Phishing campaigns.

What do Facebook, LinkedIn and Clubhouse have in common?

They're great places for making connections. In that process, they gather vast amounts of data on you. This can be used for positive things, like finding friends and useful connections. But it can also bring serious risks - especially when it gets in the wrong hands.

Hackers scraped data on over 1 billion users across these platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn and Clubhouse), and each recently came to light on Dark Web forums.

Dark Web: Advertisement for supposed LinkedIn user data

What else do these organizations have in common?

Each is claiming this isn't a "breach."

Now, they may be technically accurate. But what does it matter to you when hackers can now automate Phishing campaigns against you and your organization?

We care a LOT about Phishing.

Yes, a real Phishing email sent to me...

Remember the fun fact you've heard a million times: 90 out of every 100 cyber attacks involves Phishing.

It's because sending Phishing works really well. Oh, and it's also really easy to send tons of Phishing emails.

So, while this isn't a technical breach of systems at these social media giants, it still poses very real risk to your organization.

Going to go out on a limb here and guess that some of your people are on Facebook and LinkedIn. And some of them may even be in that techie cool crew on Clubhouse.

This means that these data scrapes broaden your team's exposure to Phishing and heighten the risk of a breach at your organization.

So, do you really care that it wasn't a "breach" at one of these tech mammoths? Either way, it puts your people at risk.

You care about protecting your team. And we do too.

You can start by finding out whose data has been exposed in your organization. INFIMA's Partners do that with Web Exposure Reports.

These reports detail all of those publicly available emails and identifying information that Phishing attackers use to launch their weaponized emails.

Next, Train your users to avoid these incoming Phishing attacks.

We make that easy too...

Consistent Security Awareness Training is your next step in protecting against these exact same Phishing attacks.

Learn how we partner with you - hit us up here!

Joel Cahill

Cybersecurity enthusiast. Entrepreneur.