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New Mexico County Vote Count At Risk

A ransomware attack on a New Mexico county highlights cyber security risks for upcoming elections.

We've all heard about election risks. Add New Mexico's Rio Arriba County to that list. With primary elections next week, a Ransomware attack could put voting data at risk.

"Nearly every county server that has files or databases on it has been affected in some way, including the County’s backup servers."

As the County works to recover from the attack, all affected servers are inaccessible. Still, the County plans to go forward with the June 2 election.

County Clerk Linda Padilla is working with the Secretary of State's Office to find an alternate method of transferring voting data without using the county's network, the news release states.

It appears this election season promises elevated cyber risks. The increased volume of attacks presents challenges for governments throughout the country (like here and here).

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Original article here.

Joel Cahill

Cybersecurity enthusiast. Entrepreneur.