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Texas Law Firm Victim of Maze Ransomware

The Texas-based law firm of Baker Wotring is one of Maze's latest victims. The Maze Ransomware team has made headlines recently for its vicious penalties for organizations who don't readily pay the ransom demand.

After using its ransomware to gain control of a target’s data, the group publishes the name of the company or law firm to a hosted site.

Once in the network, the Maze team typically demands huge ransoms, often in the "$1-2 million range." If the victim doesn't pay up, the criminals then try to force payment by releasing a sample of stolen data.

This appears to be exactly what happened with Baker Wotring. The Maze team published the law firm's name alongside stolen data.

The data includes pain diaries from personal injury cases, fee agreements, HIPAA consent forms and more.

In virtually every ransomware case, the attack starts with a simple Phishing email. Training your staff is key to protecting your network. This is precisely why the Texas legislature passed HB 3834, requiring Annual Cyber security Awareness Training for all government employees and contractors.

As cyber criminals keep getting better, more organizations are turning to INFIMA's fully automated Cyber Security Training to keep their teams safe.
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Joel Cahill

Cybersecurity enthusiast. Entrepreneur.